Elka Stage 5 Ski Shocks - Custom

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Elka Suspension is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative high-performance suspension products. A wide range of adjustments provide maximum performance and comfort for any type of riding. Shocks are manufactured with a base valve and spring package.

A customization option is also available. Visit www.elkasuspension.com/acat-snow for ordering details.

LOW-SPEED COMPRESSION RESISTANCE allows precise control of the suspension resistance for ski lift and front-end diving when cornering and braking, rear-end squatting under hard acceleration, riding over whoops at moderate speed, undulations and elevation changes in the terrain.

HIGH-SPEED COMPRESSION FIRMNESS allows precise control of the suspension for landing from big jumps, harsh or sudden square-edged impacts, riding at high-speed over whoops, vibration when riding at very high speed or when riding over choppy terrain and snow tracks.

REBOUND EXTENSION SPEED controls the speed at which the shock absorber returns to its fully extended position after being compressed from an impact to maintain skis or track on the snow.

THREADED SPRING PRELOAD allows fine-tuning of sled ride height to raise or lower the center of gravity and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear sections of the sled without affecting the spring rate

  • Low-speed compression adjustment
  • High-speed compression adjustment
  • Rebound extension speed
  • Threaded spring preload

  • Ultra-Lightweight design
  • Wide range, ultra-precise adjustment
  • Lightweight hi-tensile alloy springs
  • High-flow, low-friction internals
  • Unique one-piece nylatron ice scraper
  • Low-temperature certified, low-friction NBR O-rings and seals
  • External piggyback nitrogen reservoir

  • Ski shocks, coil-over design, sold as pairs
Fits Models 2013-2015 M 38"