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A great all-around charger that every household should have. Special cold weather performance and adapted AC and DC cables to handle severe cold down to -22 degrees F (-30 degrees C)
Features four modes:
  • LOW CURRENT MODE for smaller 12-volt batteries used in snowmobiles and ATVs
  • HIGH CURRENT MODE for automotive or marine applications
  • WINTER MODE aimed at charging and maintenance in cold weather
  • RECONDITIONING MODE for deeply discharged batteries
  • Fully automatic for charging and maintenance
  • Takes its own readings and begins to charge
  • Once finished charging, it will switch to a maintenance phase
  • Features a patended method for reconditioning sulfated batteries
  • Spark-free, making connection safer and easier
  • Extends battery life
  • Includes alligator clips and ring terminal leads
  • 12V, 4.3A